Welcome to The Observatory and Planetarium of Prešov

The main purpose of our specialized facility concerns popularization of astronomy in conditions of urban infrastructure, reaching out regionally towards a diverse target audience.

Our activity is above all aimed towards the encouragement of educational and pastime activities of groups as well as individual visitors.

Our institution functions on principles of a town observatory with emphasis on a broad utilization of the planetarium. The artificial night sky composed of an optical-mechanical projection (ZKP-2, Carl Zeiss Jena) operates during presentations of:

  • School educational programmes
  • Children allegorical shows
  • Evening musical shows and astronomy projections for adults

Some of the above mentioned mentioned are also available for our foreign visitors.

ZKP-2 specification

Complementary, but none the less important, purposes are pursued in other facilities of our facility:

  • The conference hall is technically geared for audiovisual projections and offers an ideal place for hosting lessons, seminars and debates
  • The showroom spaces a permanent exhibition, which significantly supplements the themes presented in both the planetarium and the conference hall. Various art exhibitions take place here, too

Night-time observations are based on the options of our main Coude refractor telescope (the key instrument in the scientific field of Sun observation) located in the observatory dome as well as the use of portable telescopes placed on the stargazing terrace of the planetarium.

Overview observation Equipment HAP

Before visiting our facility, let us invite you for a virtual tour of The Observatory and Planetarium of Prešov.